Nowispow is a website for learning to write code with an emphasis on Web Development. Its name comes from the phrase “knowledge is power”, represented by the changing times we live in today. Ever since the Internet started to emerge as a groundbreaking technology at the turn of the new millennium, it allowed information to be shared across the globe at the speed of light, literally. This gave rise to the knowledge worker, a blanket definition of an individual who has learned to excel in today’s fast-paced, technology driven environment. Nowispow is built to help train these individuals.

Knowledge workers are transforming today’s economy by using the Internet as a platform to enhance traditional services in all industries. For example, taxi cabs have become transportation as a service through ride-sharing apps. Bulletin boards for communicating information have become social media. Newspapers have become online news subscriptions. The entire codification of human knowledge, what used to be an encyclopedia, has now been transformed into a digital service freely available in Wikipedia. Yet, we are only in the early stages of this information revolution.

Nowispow is created to help train and guide an emerging generation of knowledge workers through a more inclusive, interactive learning approach. While it is focused on written content, unlike traditional books it allows readers to edit code snippets within the articles. Although most articles are free, the site does not make money through advertising. Instead, learners purchase additional premium content that is released after a subject has proven successful and valuable.